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I-Boson Innovations "Be the Master of Technology"

We, i-Boson Innovations' believe in mastering mankind with different perspective of technology to empower the future and to save nature. We’re officially located at Trivandrum city, the capital of God’s Own Country Kerala, and it is one of the illustrious states in India. Our company specializes in generating highly adaptable and innovative applications which can replace existing conventional systems that may cause high expenditure and resources. We have developed solutions to integrate wide range of stand-alone applications for various sectors like Education, Management, Health Care, Finance and Renewable Energy. We provide various Technology Services like Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, ERP, Desktop Application Development, E-commerce, and Cloud solutions.

In general, we anticipate of pioneering technology, ideas, passion to fulfill a mission which makes wonders to humanity. We look on updating our platforms, technologies and services time to time.

our mission is to enable enterprises to efficiently and effectively resolve the business challenges that are required for success and to change the way technology impacts. We generate future applications which can make human more innovative, organized, experimental, productive, and enthusiastic.

We are a thought driven organization, we respect and value the source of Intelligent, Integrated and Bosonic ideas, and our Master Minds. They enable us to generate, maintain and deliver solutions to our prestigious clients; of course they are the Hero’s!