Digital marketing in India: How to use Digital marketing to promote your business

The word Digital marketing simply means marketing products or developing business through digital channels. This has a great impact at the present time because of more internet users. We can showcase our products, buy, sell our products and services completely through online. We could get more online leads and business conversions from online. Moreover, we can specifically target audience, location, age, and their interests. Are you looking to expand your business or advertise through digital marketing in India with a limited budget?

Traditional marketing is practiced throughout these years. Now, the traditional method has a drop down level from the past. Traditional methods are marketing the products and services in Newspapers, Television, Radio, Flyers, Brochures, etc. These channels produce less conversion when compared to online marketing. For example, if a store has to sell their products targeting high profiles within a short period of a month. Then he has two options to market and sell it. One way is by the traditional way and the other through online resources. If he follows the first one, Chances of conversions take a long time. If he follows traditional way, firstly, he has to build a good marketing team. In addition, the team must find maximum leads and conversions in short time. The traditional channels take time and conversions are less. On the other hand, online channels produce quick sales and also can target the high profile people easily.

Best ways to develop business through digital marketing in India

According to the latest surveys by BBC, they indicate that India has an average 500 million people using the internet. Moreover, mobile network companies expanded their network from 50% to 70% from the past 5 years.


In addition, by the end of 2016 witnessed the revolution of Jio 4G LTE network. Jio provides free use of internet but now it has reduced to a limit usage. This increased the use of mobile customers to explore through the internet. When it comes to developing business through digital marketing in India, it is easy to market services or products through these internet platforms. Firstly, let us look the advantages of digital marketing.

  •   You can target and focus on a greater audience.
  •   Demographics target is possible on the basis of age, gender, interests, behavior and so on.
  •   Audience interaction would be smooth and effective.
  •   Affordable cost when compared to TV ads, newspapers, radio, etc.
  •   Customer analysis and remarketing are possible.
  •   Reach of online advertisements is high.

Digital channels create a higher reach for our business or services. There are limits for traditional channels to create a higher reach. Even if we advertise our business in newspapers or TV channels, the chances of getting reach would be low. Moreover, this needs a great human effort and the cost would be high compared to online advertisements. We can calculate and get reach for our advertisements through digital platforms such as social media, pay per click, and search engines.

Drawbacks of traditional marketing:

  •   Traditional methods are a lot expensive. Televisions, radio, Newspapers and other channels charge a huge amount for advertising. Moreover, flyers, brochures are costly and those expense increase if we are adding more people to distribute it.
  •   Secondly, these methods could not target a specific audience and difficult to track results. For example, if we are advertising a service or product for a particular category through newspapers, then it is not possible to target results. This is because newspapers are distributed throughout the whole area.
  •   Traditional methods take a lot of time to get the results. Moreover, these methods require external help. For example, if we need to advertise our product through newspapers or flyers, then we need the help of a designer and a printing press. This process takes a lot of time to get results.

Digital marketing in India

The surveys report that digital marketing is still in a booming stage. This is because entrepreneurs do not recognize the value of digital platforms. By all means, digital platforms are much better than the traditional marketing. There are specific tools and online marketing tactics for business that you will read later in this article. Do you know the reason why digital marketing in India is booming?

  •   Target wide area
  •   Cost effective
  •   Analyse the output results of campaigns
  •   Business engagement

Ways to Promote your Business through Digital marketing in India:

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We provide the complete 360-degree digital marketing in India on the following digital platforms.

  •   Email marketing
  •   online advertising
  •   Search engine optimization(SEO)
  •   PPC(Pay per click)
  •   Affiliate marketing
  •   Social media marketing
  •   Blogging
  •   Viral marketing
  •   Text ads messaging


People sound digital marketing as a Telemarketing process but it has a wide area of marketing channels and resources. Content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing are under a single umbrella called Digital Marketing. Let us discuss these marketing in brief.

Content marketing:

We can promote our business through our websites and blogs. The creation and share of the contents, blog, social media posts to promote a product or service is simply what we call content marketing. The arrival of social media highlights the content. Moreover, websites need plagiarism free content to rank higher in Google search.

Affiliate marketing:

Are you looking to earn good revenue from affiliate marketing programs? Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing where a business rewards affiliates for branding or marketing their products. For this, we want a website or blog with high traffic. We will get rewards by promoting products or services of a business through our website or blogs. Now, there are affiliate marketing programs by Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and so on.

E-mail marketing

Get business through digital marketing in India:

This is the best marketing automation practiced by MNC to get more leads and faster conversions. Have you noticed receiving emails from e-commerce companies after leaving their websites? That is the power of Email marketing. There are tools like Litmus, Mail chimp, Target hero, Reach mail to send the emails addressing our services and offers. Moreover, we would get the analytics of the emails sent through these tools. This helps us to understand the need of the customer.

Social media marketing:

According to the surveys, 2 billion Peoples use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, We chat, Instagram, etc. This helps us to promote our business through these social media by paid campaigns. Facebook advertising provides maximum reach and more leads. Moreover, we can sell and highlight our products through the Facebook channel. In addition, Twitter advertising is better to mainly target celebrities, sportsman, officials, etc.

Search engine marketing:

Search engines have platforms to promote our business. We recommend search engine marketing is better to advertise our business. This is because we all search products or services in search engines. We get more leads and business if the query is related to our service. For this, the most popular search engine Google has separate platforms like Google Adwords, Double click, Firebase, Adwords express, etc. These platforms are completely based on paid campaigns and we will be charged per click. That is what we call pay-per-click (PPC).

Let us conclude..!!

In certain Business traditional marketing still, overrules online marketing. Online advertising depends on the business and service. The reports indicate that, at the end of 2020, traditional marketing would be washed out by the online marketing. Don’t waste your time and money. Promote your business through online through Digital marketing in India.