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Digital Marketing Services Kerala | Digital marketing in Trivandrum

I-Boson Innovations is a Digital marketing services Kerala based Digital marketing company focusing on complete digital channels. At the present time, our services include online promotions, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media advertising & marketing automation. Thus we create an online presence and business for your venture and service. Our Digital marketing services Kerala has a team of Google certified engineers and Google partner certified experts working completely on online promotions and activities. Moreover, we also provide our top services in Web development, Software development, ERP, Graphic design, IOS and Android development. For all these projects we have experienced Business analysts, Software developers, PHP experts, Android developers, SEO analysts and Graphic designers.

Trending Digital scenario in Marketing:

In general, Digital marketing has become a great role in the business. This is because the technology has improved vastly and these days digital devices are more popular. Our digital scenario is to market and sell products through online and using digital technologies. The Internet has suddenly become a part of these technologies. On the research conducted I-Boson team found that at the end of 2020, old traditional marketing strategies would be at a final saturation level. This is because traditional methods are time-consuming, high cost and limited scope. For this reason, Digital marketing has some specific benefits. They are

  •   Brand creation
  •   Engagements
  •   Lead formation
  •   Target audience
  •   Cost affordable
  •   Time saving

Our Digital Strategy: Digital Marketing Services Kerala

In general, Digital marketing agencies focus on online campaigns, online presence, social media and ranking top in search. But, we completely aim to market and drive sales to our customers. For that, we form a strategy at the start of work. We define and keep our strategies in order to maintain a long term relationship with the clients. Firstly, We research on the need and requirements. Then, we analyze the strategy for the business. After that our Business analysts start building on the plan. Finally, our digital marketing experts execute the implementation plan, measure and manage results. Digital marketing is not an end process. We have to be updated with the latest strategy and scenario.

AIDA Strategy works for our digital marketing in Trivandrum

For all marketing process, we follow AIDA model of marketing. AIDA stands for Attract, interest, desire, and action. Firstly, Attract means giving awareness on the product or service. This is the process that creates our product or service to a brand level. Brands give high confidence, security, and satisfaction. Brand awareness specifies how easily and how often recalled. Interest specifies how the product makes interest to promote and buy the product. Next, Desire means giving a wish and love for the product or service. Finally, Action specifies the leads for that product or service.

For example, A new online shopping website has started. According to AIDA, first, we create brand awareness to the audience which can be targeted on location, demography, etc. For awareness, we can conduct an online campaign in social media and search engines. Then we could make an interest to engage or buy a product. This includes social media posts, blogs, and display advertisements. After all, we inject desire to buy the product giving them offers, discounts, promotion cards, etc. Also giving a proper description, reviews, ratings, etc make them a wish to buy that product. Finally, we do all these to get an action. Here, action defines to lead or buying that product. This AIDA funnel has influenced our marketing.

Do you have an idea how we drive leads through online?

There are certain steps and process to drive more traffic to a website. This results in leads and lastly conversion. The factors that create these traffic are

  •   Search engine optimization
  •   Search engine marketing
  •   Social media optimization
  •   Social media marketing
  •   Content Optimization
  •   Email marketing
  •   App search Optimization
  •   Pay per click

Rank your website top in Google: Search engine optimization, SEO

Have you ever thought how a website is ranked top in Google search engine? The process to optimize and rank your website in search engines is Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization improves our search rank in Google. This process is based on a phrase or keyword. When we search Google for a particular service or keyword our website may be or may not be there in the result. This is where SEO plays. It improves search ranking and helps in branding a website. In general, SEO can be done by creating legal and illegal traffic. Search engine optimization is of 2 types. They are black hat and white hat. In the black hat, we mislead our websites to get traffic from other spam websites or keyword stuffing and so on. SEO completely depends on organic search and results. SEO is based on Google latest algorithms. Google updates these algorithms time to time.

Future of Digital Marketing:

We would suggest don’t completely depend on digital marketing at present. This is because digital marketing is just in a booming stage. At present, I would recommend digital marketing to improve or boost up your sales with the present traditional methods.

For example, An E-commerce website is completely depended on digital marketing than traditional methods such as TV, newspaper, Radio, brochures, etc. If a grocery store is looking to make good sales, We would recommend affordable traditional methods because investing in digital marketing is not economical for the grocery business.

Let me conclude with the future of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not just a search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM) or Search engine marketing (SEM). There are still more platforms in digital marketing to get and boost up the business but at present these platforms are not encouraged by experts or agencies. The main reason is they are of high cost and takes time to get the process done.

We strongly believe the other digital marketing platforms will compete with the present digital marketing methods. At the present time, we can see that social media marketing is a big challenge to SEO. We see the future of digital marketing are Video marketing, ASO (App search optimization), VR & AR based marketing, Influencer marketing, conversion generation, big data management and marketing automation.