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Top 5 SEO Strategies to rank higher in Google | SEO services in India

Are you looking for an SEO company in India? Then your final search is over. IBoson Innovations provides SEO services in India with equally important digital marketing too. We provide the best services in digital marketing, search engine optimization, Social media optimization and search engine marketing by all means. We have the top experts working in our company. Moreover, we associate with Google partners, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus we change our techniques according to search engine algorithms. In this article, we have the top 5 SEO strategies to rank higher in Google.

Before we start let us give a brief introduction to Search engine Optimization (SEO).

Let us start with an example. You have a well-designed website providing cab facilities. But when you search for any cab facilities or related search, Google does not show your website. This is the problem facing by all websites. If we particularly search the name of our cab, search engines preview the results. But the problem is how come customers know about your cab. They always go through websites on the first page of search result. This will certainly affect your business.

Search engine optimization is optimizing a website in search engine for a specific keyword. This provides an organic search result. Since this is an organic result, search engines always display our website top on search results. This is based on specific algorithms. These algorithms change according to the black hat practices. Traffic is the ultimate result of SEO. Traffic leads to higher rankings of a website in search engines.

SEO Tools and Ways to rank higher in Google - SEO company in India | SEO Services in India

There are simple ways to rank your website top in Google. At first, follow the simple steps. This surely improves your traffic and displays top in Google within a short period.

  •  Website analysis

This is the first step in the process. We have to analyze the website issues affecting SEO and the errors. Errors in website down your website in Google. So removing these errors initially help us a lot to drive more traffic. There are certain free tools to check the errors on our website. The main tool used this is SEO site checkup.

  •  Load website super-fast

Web visitors do not wait for slow loading. They need fast loading for the websites. Otherwise, this affects in returning back from our website without any view. The top 1 search engine, Google has confirmed that low loading time results in high bounce rate of the website. This directly affects in SEO and lowers the rank in search. The SEO tool GTmetrix is mainly used to check the loading time of the website.

  •  Valuable Content

For ranking higher, we need good and valuable content to attract visitors. As you know, Content is the King for this process. Just update more contents in the website and see the difference on Google search. Duplicate content affects badly for this process. Copyscape tool checks whether the content is duplicate or not.

  •  Create Links

Links are the back bone of Search engine optimization. There are websites from where we could create back links. These backlinks promote our website in top of search results. So create more links, get more traffic to the website. According to Moz, Google has started checking backlinks quality. So create links from other quality websites.

  •  Blogging

Blog articles are so interesting to read and explore. So create a blog page on the website and start blogging. Blogging helps a lot to improve traffic to the website. A good heading and interesting topic engage the visitors. Moreover, continuous blog updates tend the visitors to engage in the website.

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As you know, search engine optimization is of 2 types- Black hat technique and White hat techniques. In the black hat, we use methods to rank higher that are not accepted by search engines. These techniques initially work for a short time and If Google finds it, they would penalize the website. Keyword stuffing, links for spam websites or simply if visitors have no benefit from a website is also a Black hat process.

White hat process is ethical and accepted by search engines. This is followed by successful digital marketing companies. This is because the white hat methods are slower than black hat but the results will last a long period. For a complete White hat, we must follow the algorithms and their updates. This White hat method is followed by iBoson Innovations to provide good ranking ethically. So it takes a short time. We assure guarantee results because we follow algorithms and principles that Google advice. We provide a strategy for our clients. Firstly, we audit the website to find errors if any. Secondly, we discover the keywords according to the websites. The keywords are the primary factor because web users search for a website with a specific keyword. Next, we plan the strategies to develop the content and to optimize it. Finally, we keep in touch with the clients because SEO is a long time process.