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We believe that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformational technological development with the potential to disrupt a range of industries over the coming decades. Whether you fear it or embrace it, the A.I. revolution is coming—and it promises to have an enormous impact on the world economy.We’ve already started exploring the segment of AI to provide intelligent solutions for different segments. C-Bot is our latest innovative intelligent humanoid robot who can speak to you! We’re on the way to launch our new chat bot system to assist you on your business, customer service and even sales!



Click here to visit the virtual world of i Boson .Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the major areas we’re focusing on to generate applications which can provide the best immersive experience. AR & VR are next big revolutionary platforms which can disrupt the way you think, feel and touch. It has an unlimited potential to fix most of the issues in Tourism, Health, Education, Transportation, Architecture, and any other segments. I-Boson has already developed a couple of products in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Contact us anytime to get a free consultation regarding the way AR and VR can transform your business into a big success story.


Intelligent Mixed Reality

World building comes with great responsibility. As creators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and marketers we’ve being given a tremendous privilege to shape the genesis of new media and ultimately change the way humanity works. What can we do to secure a future that elevates the truly positive values of humanity instead of the apocalyptic visions of a dystopian world we so often see in scientific fictions and talk about around the dinner table? When new technologies emerge, going back to the old proverb that there’s nothing new under the sun causes us to ask ourselves when we’ve seen this sort of cultural change before. Intelligent Mixed Reality is the concept of generating solutions with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Transform your Business from Normal to Extra-Ordinary!


Achievements - Dublin Tech Summit

i-Boson Innovations has got an invitation to present our dream product Le-Futura at Dublin Tech summit held at Dublin, Ireland on February, 2016. We’re proud to say that, Le-Futura has got a global attention among the crowd of next Silicon Valley. I-Boson has been listed among the 100 futuristic startups around the world as per Irish Magazines! It was the first success story we’ve created. Big Thank you for our mentor Brijesh Madhavan for the continuous guide and support.

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Achievements - Smart India Hackathon

    i-Boson Innovations is the very first company which has been awarded for the multiple winning in the history of smart India Hackathon Phase-1. We’ve got first prize for the smart India hackathon held at Chennai for the info graphics section on the idea “Emergency Health Care”. For the same hackathon, we’re runner up of the online challenge for the app development section on an education segment. We’re excited to participate for the second round, we believe success is not about getting into the first place but it is all about delivering the best in you for the betterment of the nation and society.

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