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UniteAR- An Augmented Reality Application

Ten thousand years ago, when man started exploring, communication became trivial. Humans then explored various methods to convey news over long distance. From smoke signals to written messages humans went through a lot before they could achieve the aforementioned task properly. During the reign of Mughals, pigeons where used extensively to exchange messages as told by history. Fast forward a couple of centuries, Antonio Meucci invented telephone, but Alexander Grahambel got all the rights for it and went down in history as the father of telephone. In the late 20th century, things started getting portable and mobile devices came into existence.

Augmented Realty, opening new doors!

Industrial Revolution is the cradle of all innovations. With the invention of steam powered machines, inventors and innovators have changed the way we view life. According to Kardashev scale, homo sapiens are on the verge of being a type one civilization, which means in the near future people should have access to all the energy that our blue dot can produce. One of the fields that will change drastically is going to be COMPUTING. Computing is the fastest growing field as if now. Moore’s law ended and we are delving into quantum computing, which in a way uses physical reality as a computational resource. Aside from quantum computing there is another tech that is slowly crawling out of the hole into the light - Spatial Computing.

Why E-Mail Marketing is an important part of Digital marketing?

Basically, email marketing is one of the segments of internet marketing; also it is an important part of digital marketing. We can simply define the email marketing as, use of email, for developing relationships between customers and to marketing product or service. The successes of digital marketing are all about targeting proper audience for a specific business or services and build a strong bridge between these clients.

Digital marketing for single page website

Nowadays, single page websites are extremely popular. There are many ways to promote this kind of websites. Most people perform web search from their smartphones. If we compare the number of smartphone users as with the previous year, we can observe a rise in the user count. The loading speed for a single page website is low, when compared to the multipage-d counterpart. This is one of the advantages of the aforementioned. Most people do not have the patience for a website to load, so there is a likely chance that they might skip it.....

Digital marketing Tips to improve your Brand

It’s time to think how your Digital marketing strategy will help improve your brand. For a business to succeed in today’s world, have a strong brand name within the society. Therefore, while setting a digital marketing plan for your business, it must incorporate the key elements which will help improve your brand. We all look for brands, ask this question to yourself, would you go for a Hansaplast or plastic bandage? This is one of the major reasons why people want to create brands....

Increase online sales by Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the best strategy to increase your online sales. In this busy world, no one has the time to spend with shopping for small gadgets. Most of the people depend upon online websites for this purpose and this is the main reason for the increase in online sales. Now it is the most competition among sales sector. There are so many methods for the online sales marketing, but it’s not about getting a space on the internet, it all about obtains the best position on search engine...

Digital marketing; Tips for competitor Analysis | Digital marketing companies in Trivandrum

Digital marketing is all about competition. The success of digital marketing depends on your ability to dominate your competitor and reach the top position in online space. In order to take control of your industry, there are a number of things you have to set before starting the digital marketing. Competitor research is one of the major areas of digital marketing. It will help you take an alternative method for promoting your business or product which is not chosen by any other companies. Online contender looks into is one of the numerous assignments that will enable the organizations to adjust their digital marketing methodologies. ...

Instagram ; latest trend in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best strategies to promote your business. That’s the main reason for the expansion of digital marketing companies in Trivandrum as well as in Kerala. In this modern era, most of the humans encircled with the advanced technology. Technologies change every aspect of human’s life. The most influenced area is in the case of communication sector. Now the communication sector is not a channel for transfer the information, it’s a media to express the feelings, ideas, and so on...


With the expansion of digital age, every one taking advantage of finding new methods to reach maximum customers. Digital marketing is an ideal path for advertising your business. Digital marketing incorporates numerous choices to achieve the clients on the web. The review says that there is a colossal ascent in the number of digital marketing companies in Kerala. This is mainly because of the results which got from the digital marketing methods...

Best ways for marketing with AR/VR | AR companies in Kerala

AR / VR are the most advanced technology for attracting the customers to your business. The first thing is you have to prepare a plan which helps you to give more impact on results. Before the launching augmented reality or virtual reality product you have to know what your brands need to achieve. The first thing you have is the extraordinary creative imagination...

Digital marketing tips for E-commerce | Digital marketing companies in Kerala!!

Digital marketing term simply means promotional activities through the digital media. Nowadays it has got more important in the field of promotion section. It is mainly because of the influence of social media and advent of IOT (internet of technology). Digital marketing widely been used in online advertising, product branding and for getting top position in a search engine. There are different methods of digital marketing for E-commerce. The following are the essential digital marketing tips for e-commerce.


Digital marketing companies in Trivandrum, Kerala offered numerous administrations for their clients. If you are looking for digital marketing companies in Trivandrum or digital marketing companies in Kerala, ibosoninnov.com is a perfect alternative for that. Trivandrum is a standout amongst the most exceptional regions in Kerala; subsequently, you can discover the answer for any specialized needs....

Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Ours is a constantly changing world. Each day new trend is emerging in every field. The year 2018 will witness a lot of new trends, particularly in the field of marketing. If said with more accuracy, then in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the most important factors for a business. A good marketing improves the sales ratio for business. Let's go through some new trends in digital marketing that is emerging this year..

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Digital marketing for small scale business | Digital marketing companies in Kerala

It is hard to maintain a business in a compelling route, particularly for small-scale organizations. Each one begins business with an immense desire. Be that as it may, it is hard to accomplish the objective. Because of the impact of marked organizations in the general public, small-scale business needs more strain to come to the focused on the group of onlookers. On account of expansive scale organizations, they have the immense number of workers for taking care of the distinctive errands.

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The scope of digital marketing services in Trivandrum | Digital marketing companies in Trivandrum!

Digital marketing now becomes the essential part of a business. Because everyone comes to realize that it can give more impact than the traditional marketing strategy. Advanced technologies are replacing the nature of marketing. When compared with other marketing methodologies, the digital marketing is cost-effective.

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Importance of Digital marketing | Digital marketing companies in Kerala!

The innovations are changing in every day. The upset of innovation takes heaps of progress in life structure of a human. There is a lot of gainful uses for the web, by using these all man incorporate numerous choices in his day to day life to enhance the life more simpler. With this advancement of present-day innovation, each business invests more energy in Digital marketing which is the best choice to contact the general population around the globe. The conventional showcasing systems require more push to contact the gathering of people..


Three.js | Part -2

In the previous section we examined what is three.js, now here I get a kick out of the chance to clarify the key components of three.js and what is the fundamental contrast it from typical programming interfaces. As like another programming interface it has a perfect content which may make the unpredictable front end. Three.js is basically utilized by the general population who love to complete an enchantment that implies with a single snap they bring the viewer into a different universe.


Three.js | Part -1

We are at the pinnacle time of new advancements, particularly in programming improvement. Human beings always look forward to experiencing the intriguing programming interfaces which give an unimaginable outcome. Presently we examine about this sort of a programming interface that is three.js. It is a typical programming interface when contrasted with other programming interfaces. Three.js permits the making of 3D activity utilizing JavaScript. In the event that we need to know any sort of data or some other points of interest..


Impact of technology on day-to-day life

We are at a time when each and every day new technologies are rising. We came into contact with technology in every part of lives. When the world keeps on developing, the technology also changes accordingly. In almost every section of life, we are using technology. Use of technology is growing day by day with new updates in the existing techniques. The main impact of technology in our lives is that it reduced the human efforts. In addition to it made our works easy for us.


Emerging applications of Augmented Reality technology

In this modern era, technology became the best friend for the humans. Every day new technologies are arising to help people in their day-to-day work. Not to mention, the field of education, medical, entertainment, industrial is using technology. Augmented reality is a new emerging technology which is setting footing into the field we mentioned earlier.


Major importance of skill development. What is skill development? Why skill development

Skill development is an expression used to denote improving yourself and your skill set. So that it can benefit from your career growth and as well as heighten the value of the organization. The skills determine the ability of a person to complete a task with great success rate and in right time. Skill Development involves two steps. First, finding the knowledge, which is required to improve yourself. Secondly, getting trained in that particular sector to excel in the tasks.


Chatbots – The next future | Chatbots for your business

According to BI intelligence survey, the Four messaging apps are growing fast than four major Social Networks. The people will rely more on chatbots in coming future. About 2019, 60% World’s population will use these phone messaging apps. That’s why we can say that the chatbots- the next future.Chatbots will replace the mobile apps soon. Let's create our own Chatbot logic…


Winning strategy for a successful product

Before we Begin we must have to answer to these simple questions for a winning strategy for a successful product. Read more on step-by-step winning strategy for a successful product.Where are we now? What are the current affairs in our business? Where we want to go and our ultimate vision? What are all strategic options are available ? How we will determine the best solution paths to realizing our vision?


Top 10 skills for job hunters | How to improve skills?

At the present time, employers place a lot of importance on finding candidates with the right skills for their organizations. Depending on the career sector you choose to work in, there could be specific skills needed to do the job. But keep in mind that having these skills alone won’t be enough to get your dream job.

Top 12 common mistakes that Android developer makes

Android operating system is broadly used in smartphones, tablets also in smart watches and television too. Now the Android programming is very much advanced from the Lollipop OS updates, related to the older versions of Android operating system platforms due to the entry of new material design. Mobile application development is different than the desktop programming with the various screen size, speed...

What changes will happen in the future of marketing?

Marketing is an art of promoting and selling products or services which includes market study and advertising. Every business depends on the best marketing side; they have - both traditional and online. Marketing is connected with B2B, B2C, professional and all service-based companies. Just imagine if a company has a good product but that doesn't mean it’s a market catch or drops. The success and failure of a product or service are completely in the hands of the marketing team. Marketing would never end but changes occur day by day.

Personality traits companies look for when hiring

Our world is growing constantly in every possible way. More and more companies are rising in this competitive world similarly more job opportunity. Moreover, each company is trying their best to hire the best employee for their organization. In the competitive world, as much as companies are competing in hiring the best employees.

Digital Marketing Companies in India | How to write good content for a website

Are you looking for the best digital marketing companies in India? Then finally your wait is over. Moreover, we provide online marketing, web application development, Mobile application development, ERP, Desktop Application Development, E-commerce, and Cloud solutions. We execute our projects on client needs and requirements.

Digital marketing in India: How to use Digital marketing to promote your business

The word Digital marketing simply means marketing products or developing business through digital channels. This has a great impact at the present time because of more internet users. We can showcase our products, buy, sell our products and services completely through online.We could get more online leads and business conversions from online. Moreover, we can specifically target audience, location..

Digital Marketing Services Kerala | Digital marketing in Trivandrum

I-Boson Innovations is a Digital marketing services Kerala based Digital marketing company focusing on complete digital channels. At the present time, our services include online promotions, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media advertising & marketing automation.

Top 5 SEO Strategies to rank higher in Google | SEO services in India

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